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Telephone Support

Every now and then problems can occur. If you suspect a problem with your local telephone service, please call our office at:

  • Oregon-Idaho Utilities: 800-624-0082
  • Humboldt Telephone Company: 800-847-5302
  • Or you can call 611 from a telephone in our servicing area.

Please do not attempt to report problems by email. We do not monitor email for trouble reports. If you call, please be specific about the problem you are having; this will help us narrow down the cause faster.

Before you call, you should take a minute to check these things first:

  • Please unplug all cordless phones from your phone line one at a time. Check the line again each time your unplug a cordless phone to see if the problem persists. If the problem clears, then you have a problem with that cordless phone.
  • Make sure a telephone has not been inadvertently left off the hook.
  • Do you have the correct number and are you dialing the number correctly?
  • If a person from out of your area is having problems calling you, please have that person report problems to their local phone company and long distance carrier before we are called.
  • Try unplugging your answering machine.
  • Remember that telephones that use commercial power to operate do not work during a power outage.

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