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Router Set-up Guide

Typical Comtrend ADSL Router Configuration

  1. Remove all the parts from the box.
  2. You must have a telephone jack and an unused power outlet near your computer to install the Router.
  3. Plug the round power adapter plug into the router then plug the transformer end into an electrical outlet.

  1. Plug the Beige network cable into the LAN port on the router. Plug the other end of the beige cable into the Ethernet port on your computer.

  1. Plug a DSL filter in-line on every telephone that works on the telephone service that is associated with your DSL service.

  1. Plug the included DSL splitter into the phone jack near your computer. Plug the Gray telephone cord into the WHITE port on the DSL splitter. DO NOT plug it into the black port. Plug the opposite end of the gray telephone cord into the LINE port on the DSL router.
  2. You may plug a normal telephone into the black filter port on the DSL splitter if you wish to have a working telephone near your computer.
  3. Push-in fully and release the round power button on the back of the router. You should see a series of flashing lights on the front of the router. Once the router has finished booting up you should see 4 green lights on the front of the device. The full boot process may take 3 to 5 minutes to complete. If you do not see 4 green lights, push-in and release the power button on the back of the router to turn the device off then repeat the power on process.
  4. If your computer is not turned on or your Ethernet interface is not properly configured the LAN LINK light on the router will not light up. Other lights may or may not be lit. If your computer is turned on and the LAN LINK light still does not light, configure your computer to properly connect to the DSL service. If you need help configuring your computer, consult an authorized computer technician.
  5. If the ADSL link light does not light continuously after the boot process is complete, power cycle the router one more time. If the ADSL LINK light still does not light after boot up, call our office to report a trouble with your DSL service.

View of back of installed Comtrend DSL router

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