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Here are some important things to consider about DSL service:

  • Please read the terms and conditions of service for your broadband plan. They contain Important information about your responsibilities as a DSL customer.
  • A deposit may be required before basic DSL service is established.
  • There is a non-recurring installation charge associated with basic DSL service. This charge is waived if you agree to a 6 month service contract. If your basic DSL service is terminated for any reason prior to the end of the contract period, you will be required to pay an early termination fee.
  • We do not offer a dial-up internet plan; only broadband plans.
  • Outdated or inefficient computer equipment may degrade your DSL experience.
  • In order to use our DSL service you will need a computer with an Ethernet network port.
  • If you are not sure if your PC can support DSL service, please check with an authorized computer technician.
  • We do not sell, service or setup computer or network equipment.
  • Best effort means that the actual speeds you experience will be different depending on the circumstances surrounding what you are doing and congestion in the network.
  • A DSL connection can support more than one computer in the same household but attaching too many computers will degrade your DSL service.
  • Our policy does not allow customers at separate service locations to share a DSL service. Customers attempting to share a DSL connection in this manner will have their DSL service terminated at the minimum.
  • You can connect wireless equipment behind our DSL router. The wireless equipment should be configured as an access point using DHCP to obtain an IP address. If you connect your wireless equipment as a router it will likely cause a conflict and your computer will not be able to access the internet. For information on configuring wireless equipment in access point mode, please consult the manufacturer of your wireless equipment.