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What is the Internet?  The Internet is a series of local networks and computers tied together world-wide (called wide area networking) for the purpose of commerce, recreation, exchanging ideas and information.  When you purchase internet access service from us, you are in essence joining our network of users so that we may connect you to the broader internet.  No one owns or controls the internet.  Since it is a wide open uncontrolled environment, users of the internet must take precautions to protect themselves, their information, and property from persons with malicious intent.

Broadband is a generic term that is often used to describe a high speed networked connection to the internet.  There are two basic components to broadband service, the internet connection point and the transport back to the customer's service location through our network.  We primarily use a technology known as ADSL (sometimes shortened to DSL) to deliver the broadband transport to our customers.  All internet connection services (including ours) operate by sharing bandwidth both inside and outside our network among users.  Not all users are utilizing bandwidth at the same rate.  Some are browsing the web, some are reading on-line magazines, and some are downloading files.  Because the users are not all placing high demand on the service at the same time, the bandwidth normally is shared effectively among the users.  

Bandwidth (frequently referred to as transfer rate or internet speed) is a method of identifying how much data may flow through a connection over a given interval of time.  The more bandwidth a connection has the more traffic it may carry.  A good way to imagine this would be to think of a 2 lane road and how traffic flows along that road.  Then imagine that road is expanded into a modern multi-lane interstate highway.  This much larger roadway has the capacity to carry many times more traffic than our original 2 lane road.  Much in the same way a higher bandwidth internet connection carries more traffic than a lower bandwidth connection.  The higher bandwidth connection becomes important if you will have multiple users and devices on your service or if you intend to watch video or movies like Hulu or Netflix.

We do not provide any email, gaming servers, Web hosting, internet content, virus scanning, firewalls or other such services. To do so would drive the cost of our Internet access service much higher. You can reach content providers over the internet that can offer those services at more cost effective rates.  We do not intentionally block user access to legal content, throttle (slow down) the delivery of legal content to users, or offer paid prioritization of content to users.  Occasional network congestion both inside and outside our network can happen and does have an effect on the delivery of content to users.

Since Internet access involves shared bandwidth over connections that extend outside our network with unpredictable user demand, we cannot guarantee any data transfer rate for any plan and all internet access services are offered on a "best effort" basis.  This means that the data transfer rates you experience on any plan will fluctuate below the maximum advertised rate.