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Long Distance Calling

Oregon‐Idaho Utilities, Inc.and Humboldt Telephone Company are not afiliated with any long distance company. Neither are we agents for any long distance company. We do not sell long distance service. Customers do have access to order service with many long distance carriers in our local serving area. Since we do not represent any long distance company we will not take an order to change a long distance carrier directly from a customer. If you wish to change your long distance carriers or change your calling plan with a long distance carrier please call that long distance carrier directly. When you first establish service with us we will install your chosen carriers on your new service. we will not sign you up for any calling plans or rates with those carriers. You must call your chosen long distance carriers immediately to set up accounts with them on your new service and select calling plans. Failure to do so could result in your being charged expensive casual calling rates by that carrier for long distance calls you make.

If we receive a valid order to change your long distance carrier we are required to work that order by regulation. The regulations also state that we cannot contact you directly to verify that you placed that order. The best way to ensure that your long distance carrier is not changed without your permission is to place a PIC freeze on your telephone account. If you have a PIC freeze on your account then we must reject all orders we receive to change your long distance carriers while the PIC freeze is in force. If you desire to change your long distance carriers please send us an executed PIC freeze removal form so we may "lift" the PIC freeze on your account first. A PIC freeze is offered to customers free of charge. We will charge you a non‐recurring fee(s) to change your long distance carriers.

Customers in Nevada who have not chosen an Intralata long distance carrier will be defaulted to the state approved default lata carrier. Failure to choose an intralata carrier does not block your access to intralata long distance. Oregon and Idaho customers that do not choose an Intralata long distance carrier will receive a message telling them their call cannot be completed without choosing a carrier. There is no Interlata default carrier in our calling area. If you wish to ensure that access to long distance calling is blocked, please call our customer service department and ask for a toll block on your account.

For instructions on using your Long Distance Service, or for information on calling plans, please contact your long distance carrier.

You must complete the correct form for your serving area OIU or HTC.

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