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Humboldt Telephone company News and General Information

Payment Information

Please mail payments to:

Humboldt Telephone Company
PO Box 1910
Nampa, Idaho 83653

We also take most major credit and debit cards over the telephone.

Billing and Payment

Establishing or Transferring Phone Service

To establish or to transfer new residential or business phone service, please call our business office. To enable us to process your order to establish phone service we will need to know your complete address and how you want to be listed in the directory. We also need to know about previous telephone service in your name and other credit information. We will ask for identification and a number where you can be reached either at work or through a friend or relative until your service is established.

Installation Rates

Installation rates will vary with the needs of your service. There are many steps involved in installing your phone service, but not every customer needs each step. The amount of work needed to install phone service for you will depend on the type of facilities and service you want.

Deposit Policy

If you have not previously had telephone service with our company with a satisfactory payment record or if we are not able to verify your prior credit history, we may ask you to provide a deposit or guarantee in order to establish telephone service. If a deposit is required, it will be based on two month's average local and long-distance charges for our new customers or upon your previous service records. If your long-distance charges are significantly more than the amount covered by the deposit, or if your service is disconnected for nonpayment, we may ask you for a new or additional deposit to restore and continue your service.

We will pay interest on any deposit at the currently- established legal interest rate, and we will refund your deposit after you make satisfactory payment for twelve consecutive months. If your service is disconnected while we hold your deposit, your deposit plus interest will be credited to your final bill.

You Will be Billed For Changes In Your Service

All changes, except termination of service, and disconnection of certain options, require a service charge. The amount you are charged depends on the type of change requested. Consult your service representative for different services.

Your Telephone Bill

How You Are Billed

Charges for local service and equipment are billed one month in advance. Long- distance calls are, of course, billed after you make them. Repair charges are billed after the work has been done.

How, When, & Where To Pay Your Bill

Your payment due date is at the top of your bill. Your payment is considered past due if not paid by that date. You can save time if you use your payment portion of your bill when paying. There is a charge for each returned check.

Third-Party Notices

You have the option to ask that another person receive your bills and notices if, for some reason, you are unable to receive or understand those bills and notices.

Financial Assistance

Several programs provide financial help, depending on your circumstances. The Idaho Telephone Assistance Program (ITAP), the Nevada Lifeline Assistance Program, and the Oregon Telephone Assistance Program (OTAP) provide reduced phone bills for qualified low-income customers. The Link-Up America Program provides financial help with telephone service installation charges for qualified persons.

Error On Your Bill

If you have a question on your bill, call your local service representative. Explain the possible error to the representative who will help you. If the error cannot be resolved, please pay the undisputed charges on time so you will maintain a good payment record while the problem is being investigated.

Disconnection With Notice

If your payments are not received by the due dates or you do not meet your deposit requirements or mutually agreed upon payment arrangements, your telephone service may be disconnected.

We may also disconnect your service for unauthorized use of telephone service or violation of company rules that adversely affects personal safety or the integrity of the telephone system.

We will give you seven days written notice before disconnecting your service. This notice period will not apply if we receive payment with an NSF check or if you fail to satisfy a payment agreement.

In the event of fraud or violation of rules that protect safety or the integrity of the network, we may disconnect service without prior notice.

If you receive notice of disconnection at a time when you have a medical condition or emergency that requires continuation of telephone service, you may provide the company with a written certificate signed by a licensed physician or public health officer describing the emergency condition. Upon receipt of such certificate, we will delay disconnection of essential service for a thirty-day period.

We will not disconnect your service on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday or after noon on a Friday or day before a holiday.

How To Get Your Service Restored

All past charges must be paid before your service can be reconnected and you will be charged a restoral fee. You may also be asked to pay a deposit.

Terminating Service At Your Request

You may terminate your service at any time and without charge simply by calling our business office. You will receive a closing bill for service through the date of disconnection.

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