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OIU began service in January 1990, with the acquisition of the Adrian, Ridgeview, Jordan Valley, and South Mountain Exchanges in Oregon and Idaho from Contel of the West. Since Acquisition, we have completely modernized the telecommunications facilities in these areas with new, digital equipment, eliminating party lines and improving service quality for our customers.

In May of 1995, Oregonā€Idaho Utilities concluded acquisition of the Midas, Mc Dermitt, Orovada, Desert Valley, Paradise Valley, and Denio Exchanges primarily in Humboldt County Nevada and the Quinn, Oregon Exchange all from Nevada Bell. This new serving area is operated under the name Humboldt Telephone Company. The telecommunications facilities in these areas have been modernized to the same high quality service standards as our Oregon and Idaho Serving areas.

In February of 2007 OIU began offering broadband DSL in our serving areas in Oregon, Idaho and Nevada. Since then we have worked to expand the footprint of our original broadband offering to increase availability of broadband to more customers. Demand for broadband continues to increase in our area. Today we are deploying technologies to increase the availability of broadband to more customers and offer additional faster broadband plans to all customers.

Providing improved telecommunications services to our customers is our business and it is extremely important to us. We intend to incorporate advanced telecommunications technologies into our network in a practical manner allowing us to continue providing reliable, high quality services to our customers.